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Leah Lust Video

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Watch Leah Lust Videos

Tiffany Shepherd is now known as Leah Lust (pics above) has a scandal videos entitled “My First S-ex Teacher”. Before, Leah Lust (Tiffany Shepherd) was a teacher in Florida, married and with three children. But Tiffany and her husband decided to split up and because of the financial problems and lost of support to her ex-husband she decided to become a hard core s-ex star. That was the time Leah Lust born.

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Leah Lust Video

No information to Tiffany Shepherd a.k.a Leah Lust in Wikipedia.

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November 3rd, 2009 at 3:41 pm    

I just saw the lovely Ms. Shepherd on Maury…absolutely gorgeous!!! Her ex is a fool for letting her go. If only she was in Ohio……

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