2009 August | Scandal Videos

Jaycee Lee Dugard Press Conference

Watch Jaycee Lee Dugard Press Conference Full Video

Jaycee Lee Dugard Press Conference

After the successful operations in rescuing Jaycee Lee Dugard (photos above), a Press Conference was held by the California police.

Karen Sypher Tapes

Karen Sypher Tapes, S-ex Scandal Photos, YouTube Video Tape

Karen Sypher Tapes Scandal YouTube Video

Exclusive Tape Video! Karen Sypher tapes was released by the police connecting to coach Rick Pitino alleged s-ex scandal.

KC Concepcion Scandal Pics

KC Concepcion Scandal, Pics, Videos, Photos, Pictures


A scandal.exilez reader named Petite gave me this source pictures showing and said to be KC Concepcion (is it look-alike or real?) s-ex scandal video (image from pipitblog).

Barney Frank Town Hall Video

Watch Barney Frank Town Hall Video

Watch Barney Frank Town Hall YouTube Video

Barney Frank conduct a town hall meeting in a live video. Representative Barney Frank agenda in a two hour town hall meeting at Dartmouth, Massachusetts on a Tuesday night was focused more on a nation’s health care system.

Mcsteamy Video

Watch Mcsteamy Video, Dane And Gayheart Scandal Video!

watch Mcsteamy Video Dane And Gayheart Scandal Video

Good looking Dr. Mcsteamy has a video tape! In the videotape, Eric Dane (Peter), Rebecca Gayheart (Nina), Kari Ann Peniche (Fifi) had so much fun not a s-ex scandal according to Kari Ann Peniche.

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