2009 February | Scandal Videos - Part 2

Chimpanzee Attack Video

Watch the video of a chimpanzee who attack the a woman at Stamford, Connecticut. Chimpanzee Attack Video

Big Brother Star Jade Goody Has Cancer | Watch Video

Friday The 13th Trailer 2009 Review

Watch Friday the 13th 2009 Welcome to Crystal Lake!

Friday the 13th 2009 movie entitled Welcome to Crystal Lake will release on February 13, 2009. This year Friday the 13th horror movie is directed by Marcus Nispel who also do the other version of The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, along with him are two great screenplay horror writers Damian Shannon and Mark Swift who also wrote the shocking story of Freddy vs. Jason.

Watch Westminster Dog Show 2009 Winner

Watch Jeremy Lusk Crash Video


Watch Jeremy Lusk Crash Video

Have you watch Jeremy Lusk crash video? Lusk was seems to be okey after the crash but when he was taking his medication in the hospital his body did not respond until his heart stop and got a cardiac and respiratory failure.

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